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Trustworthy AI Initiative

In April, 2024, George Washington University launched the Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Initiative. Here is the news story. The Digital Humanities Institute is a partner program, and Profess Alexa Alice Joubin is a TAI faculty

As transformative AI becomes increasingly embedded in complex systems, policy makers and researchers must determine how to govern and evaluate this emerging technology while balancing its potential to transform society for good against the risks and harms that arise from novel use cases. GW TAI brings together a collection of research and educational efforts across our university to deliver timely education, foster problem-driven research and inform policy founded in deep scientific understanding.

Supported by SAIC, a Fortune 500 technology integrator and directed by Professor Zoe Szajnfarber, GW TAI brings faculty across the university together in pursuit of impact-focused interdisciplinary research, including connecting choices about data and design to strategies for governance of AI systems and the data on which they are trained and deployed.


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