About #GWDH15


The theme for the 2015 GW Digital Humanities Symposium, DISRUPTING DH, dovetails with a recent roundtable session entitled Disrupting the Digital Humanities held by a group of digital humanists and activists at the Modern Language Association Convention in Vancouver, B.C., on January 10, 2015. All the position papers were posted online and an archive of tweets from the event can be found here (Storify archive curated by @beyondcitation). Both the MLA roundtable and this GW symposium anticipate an essay collection entitled Disrupting the Digital Humanities, co-edited by Dorothy Kim and Jesse Stommel (forthcoming from punctum books).

This symposium is sponsored by the GW Digital Humanities Institute, which was launched by founding Co-Directors Alexa Huang and Jonathan Hsy in 2013 through initial funding by the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences. Administrative support for the Institute is generously provided by the Department of English.

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