Presenters at #GWDH15


Angela Bennett Segler
is a medievalist, digital (post)humanist, and all around co-conspirator on and off the books at New York University and beyond. She has published on digital medieval studies and queer manuscripts, is the editor of a special issue of postmedieval on Quantum Medievalisms, and displays her digital archival experiments and infographics on her blog, A Material Piers Living in a Digital WorldOn Twitter: @MedievalAngie.

Eileen Joy is a specialist in Old English literary studies and cultural studies, as well as a para-academic rogue drone-strike machine, who has published widely on poetry and poetics, historiography, violence and queer ethics, speculative realism, object oriented ontology, the ecological, and the post/human. She is the Lead Ingenitor of the BABEL Working Group, Co-Editor of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies, Director of punctum books, and Associate Director of punctum records. She also works with others to build convivial, nomadic confraternities and temporary shelters for humanist vagabonds. On Twitter: @EileenAJoy.

Dorothy Kim, an Assistant Professor of English (Vassar College), has recently spent the 2013-2014 year as a Frankel Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan finishing a book—Ancrene Wisse and the Jews. As a digital humanist, she is co-PI for an Archive of Early Middle English that is being funded by an NEH Scholarly Editions and Translation Grant. She is also the co-editor with Jesse Stommel (University of Wisconsin-Madison) on an edited collection entitled Disrupting the Digital Humanities (forthcoming, punctum books). She has co-written articles about “#GawkingatRapeCulture,” “#TwitterEthics,” and written about “#TwitterPanic,” “Social Media and Academic Surveillance” for On Twitter: @dorothyk98.

Suey Park is a Chicago-based anti-violence organizer and co-founder of Killjoy Prophets, a collective challenging racism and sexism in the church. On Twitter: @suey_park.

Roopika Risam is an assistant professor of English and secondary English education at Salem State University and her work examines the intersections of postcolonial and African diaspora studies and the role of digital humanities in mediating between them. On Twitter: @roopikarisam.

Jesse Stommel is Assistant Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also Director of Hybrid Pedagogy: a digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology. Jesse is an advocate for lifelong learning and the public digital humanities. He’s on Twitter @Jessifer.

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