DH Showcase TODAY: Abstracts + Twitter Archive

DH Showcase 2015 - digital signThe first DH SHOWCASE at GW is TODAY! 

Event website (with full schedule): go.gwu.edu/GWDoesDH
Official hashtag: #GWDoesDH

Sponsors and collaborating organizations:

  • GW Digital Humanities Institute: @GWDHI
  • GW Libraries: @gelmanlibrary
  • Shira Eller (GW Librarian, Art and Design)
  • Karim Boughida (GW Librarian for Digital Initiatives): @kboughida
  • GW English: @gwengl
  • GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences: @gwucolumbian
  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum: @HolocaustMuseum

Presenters (in order of appearance with twitter handles):

  • Shoko Hamano (Japanese)
  • Maia Gil’Adi (English): @maiagiladi
  • Sylvia Augusteijn (GW Libraries): @SAugusteijn
  • Christopher Klemek (History)
  • Dan Kerchner (GW Libraries): @DanKerchner
  • Diane H. Cline (History): @DianeHCline
  • Dora Danylevich (English): @pomedeterre
  • Michael Levy (USHMM)
  • Elissa Frankle (USHMM): @museums365
  • Lori Brister (English): @LoriBrister
  • Tina Plottel (GW Libraries)
  • Phoebe Coleman (Jewish Cultural Arts): @PhoebeColeman
  • Tawnya Ravy (English): @LitAmbitions
  • Tolonda Henderson (GW Libraries): @tolondathepoet

DH Institute tweeps:

  • Jonathan Hsy (Co-Director of DH Institute): @JonathanHsy
  • Shyama Rajendran (current DH Grad Assistant): @MedievalPhDemon
  • M Bychowski (former DH Grad Assistant): @Transliterature

Feel free to live-tweet and follow the #GWDoesDH thread!

[Handout containing all the abstracts: Word or PDF]

[UPDATE: FEBRUARY 21, 2015] An initial (not curated) archive of the tweets from the event can be found here!

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